Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Sweet Home' My Ass

Pikeville, KY to Bossier City, LA: 900 miles. Not the longest jaunt on the tour thus far but certainly one of the more 'let's just get this over with ones'.

We stopped for the night at some random Rest Area somewhere in Alabama. It smells like pee. Everywhere.

And apparently we haven't traveled far enough South to escape the frigid night air. Looks like a repeat of our arrival in Springfield, MA will be in order tonight.

I have to admit I kind of liked Pikeville. We played the only arena for at least 100 miles. The crowds were strong and responsive. The Circus is a Big Ticket Item for these folks. Not much (anything) in the way of night life though. There was 'a' bar in town. As in one singular tiny bar.

The landscape was quite impressive considering they had to basically plow through a mountain to make the city.

I visited the Dils Cemetery which houses the graves of some of the McCoy's. Yup...THOSE McCoy's.


Bossier City should be fun. Larry owes us a BBQ outside his trailer for always being late. And think there's a collective birthday party for a lot of the show kids at Chuck E Cheese. Woot.

Off to bed I suppose. It will be much colder out in the trailer but it least it won't smell like pee.


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