Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Entertainment on the Lot

The rest of the drive was no problem. Sure, Louisiana has some shitty highways, but it felt good to be back in what is becoming one of my favorite states.

We're back on a nice flat parking lot and I think I broke my own personal record for backing myself into a space, unhitching, and setting up the trailer. A much welcome change from the debacle in Pikeville.

There's not a whole lot of cool things to check out here but it'll be good to take a week off since I'm hoping to spend a few days in New Orleans next week around my birthday.

The plan today was to head out and explore a bit to see what was here. However, as we were setting up our water today, Kat came over and let us know that if we weren't busy this afternoon there was going to be a little show:

Big Mitko the Bulgarian is known for dragging things....namely two Semi Trucks across a parking lot in Texas.

Today, he wants to pull a fully loaded semi with trailer (about 56,000 lbs or something).

Just him, a harness, and a rope. Strongman competition style. 3pm today.

Check back for the video.....

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