Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yay reality!

The fridge works! Easy fix.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was in bed by 9:30 last night but it was definitely for the best. Got up around 6:30 this morning and went out for a run. Perfect weather, perfect backdrop. We're at about 5,000ft elevation I think so the weather doesn't get unbearably hot. Helluva storm came through for about an hour earlier this afternoon. I was told to expect about one of those a day this time of year out here.

I haven't adjusted to the quiet yet. I keep expecting the symphony of idling diesel engines to fire up at any minute.

Drove my dad to the Phoenix airport for his first flight in 15yrs. He did very well as I got the "I'm still alive" call from Pittsburgh a little while ago.

Things have hit home for sure now. I'm on my own so to speak in a town that is already asleep. It's hard to accept that hopping in the truck and being at either a coffee shop, bar, or a friends' house in 5 minutes is now an impossibility. I may take a walk down to the Marathons (huge custom built 5th wheel trailers) to see who's around. I may take a walk by myself somewhere as well....I have the time.

I need to stay focused and occupied from this point on. There aren't any rehearsals I need to be at. There's still plenty of Arrested Development to watch but it won't be the same now.....until Erie anyway.

The Digital Voice recorder I bought isn't Mac compatible so I'll need to figure out something there.

Send me reports of Pittsburgh happenings though! I want to keep as much as a connection as possible back home. Hearing from you all is always cool.

What else.....I hit up this huge Thrift Store today...3 separate buildings with stuff outside in between them. Scored some shirts, pair of kicks and a couple belts.

The writing things just isn't happening for me tonight so I'm going to call it. I make my big debut on Saturday so I'll give a full report on that.

Off to the Marathons....


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