Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Kingdom for a cold fridge.......

The drive today was a breeze. Nothing new to report.

Prescott Valley is a nice little town if a little lacking in cool places to visit. The lot we're on is huge compared to what I experienced in Tuplelo, MS.

I learned how to plug into the show power (thanks to Carlos and Kat for being totally rad) and hooked up my water hoses.

The only issue is that my fridge hasn't gotten cold. Yeah, minor detail right? The freezer works but not the fridge....... The manual lists about 10 'troubleshooting' procedures that make no sense to me. So much for the 'we test and detail everything on your trailer before you take it' promise from Valero's. I saw a couple RV parts and sales places but not sure if there was a service part. There's no way I'll have time to deal with this crap this wee. Gah. I still have a bit of work to do to be totally confident for my first performance on Saturday. There's no rehearsal of any kind...I'm just 'on'. No room for any kind of screw-ups. If they promised that everything worked perfectly.....then it should freaking work perfectly!

Ok, this isn't a livejournal.....no emo whining from me.

My Dad and I went to In and Out burger which you can only do in a few cities in the country so that was cool. T'was good but nothing stellar. Said 'hi' to a few my show neighbors and hung out with Panda Steve for a bit. Was planning on doing my cooking for the week but without a working fridge I'm holding off.....I need to check the perishables in the freezer to make sure they don't a'splode.

Oh, and I made sure to not leave my shoes outside since there are tarantulas and scorpions milling about.

No picture posting tonight. I'm totally beat. I need to run through the show once and call it an earrrly night. We're in Mountain time, but in one of the spots where they shun Daylight Savings so it's still early but feels late. I need a night off.

Taking my Dad to the airport tomorrow. Time is already starting to zip by.

Here's to waking up to a cold fridge......

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  1. Your trip west mirrors mine in many respects. I too have a picture of the largest cross in the western hemisphere. New mexico was my favorite place to drive through, and i was fascinated by the large amounts of beef jerky.