Friday, July 11, 2008

Nothing like a good Arizona rain.....

Usually you go see a movie for a temporary escape, come out, and head back to your neighborhood. We saw WALL-E tonight and for a while I kinda forgot where I was and what I was going to go "home" to. Stranger in a strange land indeed.

The movie was superb though. Highly recommended. Lots of subtleties and very well put together. I won't get into a whole review or anything but definitely go see it.

Our daily thunderstorm started early afternoon out here and is still going strong. It doesn't feel like the concept of Arizona I had in my head. There's a whole rainy/monsoon season in the Southern part of the state I was told. Apparently cacti can only survive if there's a rainy season to compliment the dry season.

I was able to touch base with a friend I worked with in Pittsburgh at the Non-Profit Life Sciences company. He's in Scottsdale and may swing up this way to check out the show. I've failed thus far in my goal to get out into the "city" and make new friends. Learning this show needs to come first though so I'll still have a job in the next city to reconcile this town's failure haha.

I'm spending most of my time organizing things in the trailer and getting as much operational/maintenance understanding under my belt as I can. So if I've been out of touch one on one with a lot of you, that will change once I get a few shows under my belt.

I did talk to SYR and Sproul a few minutes ago which was good. Sproul's big Thee Adora debut was tonight and things were rockin' as expected. That'll be the biggest change is not being able to play any "shows". But I'm keeping my focus down the road a bit and as the necessary things are taken care of I know I'll find a way to remedy that problem.

Last night was fun. I hung out with Robbie (Conductor), Vas (the "clown"), and Pete (I think he's concession's?) outside Robbie's bus. In a way it's just like any other neighborhood. I haven't had a chance to really hang out with a lot of the people here (the rain certainly didn't help things today) but know that will take care of itself in time.

I should go over the show once more tonight but have a feeling that's not going to happen. There are CDs to organize and transfer to the I-Touch. Not having a CD player in the truck is a total drag.....but it gives me something to occupy my time (transferring all my CDs to the I-Touch that is).

Waco is a 1200 mile drive from Prescott Valley. I think I'm going to follow Steve for this first one. We'll knock it out Sunday and Monday. The Waco "lot" is a campground so we can get there as early as we want and we'll have the power/water hookups right there.

I'll get our P.O. box from HR tomorrow and post that in case any of you are in a letter writing mood. The digital stuff is cool but I think another good 'time occupier' is going to be writing people actual letters.

More tomorrow....


  1. yr blog is now on my rss feed, i love it! i want to see circus pics and hear more about the show too. this is awesome.

    - lisa (homie)

  2. Once again, work has foiled my attempts to see a thee adora show. We are not amused.