Monday, July 28, 2008

Fly by night, away from here....

So, I know I've slacked for a couple days but there's not that much new to report.

The only place to go in Odessa for any form of nightlife was a Graham Central Station. For you Pittsburgh folk just think Matrix but with like 7 rooms and much creepier people. There was the Cowboy Room, the hump club room, a Latin room, karaoke room, a faux strip club room with girls on the bar, and the Miami room (no music and pool tables). It was this so-called Miami room that was advertised as having an 80s nite. I figured the Texas take on such a thing would be worth checking out.....

.....but apparently the website just hadn't been updated and there was no 80s nite to be found. The club itself was more or less intolerable as far as music goes. And in Texas (at least from what I saw) singing Karaoke means you get the added bonus of two annoying "MC's" with mics that stay on the stage with you. One was a scantily clad woman sporting an impressive muffin top with atrocious vocal chords. The other was a massive Grimace looking dude in tight ill-fitting pajamas. One of their favorite things to so was to grab one of the "instruments" on the wall (real guitars with no strings) and strum along with the songs they butchered.

We did meet two awesome shot girls sympathetic to our quest for an 80s nite (turned out one of them was the promotions person who hadn't updated the website). It was encouraging though that there were people who both had self-esteem and created art who existed in that town of drunken Bubbas.

There were two dudes who both looked like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons dressed all in black, walking around with tons of beads and a huge camera draped around the one dude's neck. Totally creepy. Not quite as creepy as the plethora of 40+ dumpy cowboys gyrating on and slobbering all over the 18 year old girls (all ages club) that were happy just to have some sort of attention. Pheeeuuwww.

When we left GCS, we were treated to one of most insane, scary, and hilarious scenes thus far on the trip: A couple hundred pickups filled with drunken rednecks and drunken Mexicans all trying to fly out the parking lot at the same time. The billion cops that were in the place were nowhere to be found as people were jumping curbs and smacking into one another. It was like Redneck Mad Max or something.

Needless to say I am very happy to almost be out of Texas. I'm ready for some Cajun Country.

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