Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dancing to the Pipes of Pan

The whole 'movie theater thing' happened again last night but to a lesser degree. It wasn't quite as odd coming out of the theater, piling into Justin's truck, and heading back to the lot.

I'm starting to become better friends with a lot of the people in the show which is awesome. It totally helped that last night Justin's radio was tuned to his and Wendy's fave satellite station that was playing The Police, Talking Heads, Tears for Fears, and all the other nifty stuff I'm into. I think I scored some points playing name that tune.

It was me Marty and Lena, Justin and Wendy, and Vas. We went to Chilli's first and it was the first time I was ever the only American at the table. Just to review Marty and Lena are from Finland and do the Crossbow/Cloud Swing acts respectively, Justin is the Australian (his character is French in the show) bike expert, and Vas is the Russian "clown" (when he's not harassing the band during the show trying to get us to screw up).

We saw the new Batman and I have to say it was flippin' awesome. I'm torn over Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger for best Joker. Gooood stuff. Too bad Christian Bale can't live up to his character in real life.

I don't get the entire day off today. We're having a full band rehearsal at 3 since Matt (keys/loops/sound effects) isn't going to be here for the shows. Should be interesting. In my first two weeks with the show I've had to play on Rodeo dirt and now re-learn a lot of the show to suit being down one keyboardist. At least it levels the playing field and no one can really give me shit if I screw up during the show.

There's one "club" here that supposedly has an "80s" room in it so Brian and I are going to check it out tonight. I'm keeping my expectations low as to not be disappointed.

Oh yeah, and Brian and I took a detour and went to Stonehenge yesterday: Yes, as in Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell; Where the banshees live and they do live well.....

There's a couple pools close by as well so it may be time to show of my incredible farmer's tan.

Another update coming the next time I make it down to this little cafe since we have 1995 Internet speeds on the lot.

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  1. Spinal Tap lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel wrote "Stonehenge" after eating a bad dish of Indian food.