Monday, July 28, 2008

Great Scott!

So the good news is I backed up in to my spot perfectly on the first try....well actually on my first attempt I backed up spot over where I was supposed to. But I nailed it the second time. Annnnd, we're on a lot where im parked pretty uphill so I've gotten really good at super-balancing my trailer and driving up on levels....

....anyway, that went well.

But, this is me when I have my power cable all ready to hook into the show power station:

Only I couldn't find the right picture. Imagine that's the shot near the end of the first installment where he realizes he's about 5ft short of cable. Only in my case, there was no tree involved....I was just 5ft short of reaching the box. I got bailed out though but realize 100ft of cable plus whatever I have in my RV (25ft?) just ain't gonna cut it.

No water hook up yet. Leaving for New Orleans tomorrow morning and coming back late Wed.

That's all for now.

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