Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hipster Bingo in Tallahassee

So a recurring trend of this tour is to send us to what could potentially be really cool towns for....like 3 days.....and stick us in towns that are horrendously lame....for a week plus. Gah.

Tallahassee had a lot of potential to be bad-ass. A 24 hour local coffeeshop and dirty dive hipster bar right next to the arena, Kool Benaz Cafe (stiff competition with Prejeans for best restaurant ever), and very scenic college campus = cool town.

However, we weren't allowed on the lot until Tuesday coming from Sarasota. That evening, we were treated to a (way) late night rehearsal to get the music for the Magic Act together. The next day was 9-4 rehearsal with opening night following right after. One show Thursday, one Friday and we peaced out after the show Friday night for Sarastoa (arriving around 4am). The show stayed there Satarday and left for Fort Myers on Sunday. Gah. Would've been nice to just stay in Sarasota since we don't open here until Thursday, but so it goes.


We rolled into to the tiny area the arena decided to pack us all into without any problems. Steve and lucked out with pretty easy spots to get in and out of. We got our laundry did at the most reasonably priced place yet. 60 cents a pound! Not too shabby.

The late night rehearsal went well enough. I never dreamed (well maybe had nightmares) that I would have to play 'Harder to Breathe' by freaking Maroon 5 for this show. Oh well. The Act is coming along well enough and the dude's a really nice guy so that helps.

Nonetheless, all I can picture ever time the Act comes along in the show is this.

Back to Tallahassee radness....

All Saint's Cafe
is a rockin' Green cafe that stays open 24 hrs. Highly recommended should you find yourself in the area.

And that Kool Beanz place.....holy schnikies. Go there every day 3 times a day. N'uff said.

Based on a recommendation, we headed out to this dirty little dive next to the coffeeshop that was having a DJ night. Now, I was expecting a Hipster Parade.....but holy shit. Really? This place made the Brillobox look like....I dunno....Jack's or something. We were nearly choked from the hovering cloud of irony hanging in the air. Free PBR cans after paying the cover. Enough said.

Seriously. It's a good thing we didn't play hipster bingo....since everyone would've won within 30 seconds:

The place was loud, the DJ was not very good (although you could never tell by the ironic 'rocking out' face he was making every time he pressed the spacebar on his laptop), and the people were.....just.....well irritating. Oh well.

I planned on writing more about the Tallahassee experience but based on the potential of what could've been...tis best to leave it in the past and look forward to the sweet ass town we get to visit: Knoxville, TN. Rock.

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