Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fort Myers/Knoxville/Savannah

Two cool things that happened in Fort Myers were that Kate came to visit and the Steelers stomped the Ravens.....

Our trip to downtown Fort Myers was uneventful. We did take a trip to check out Sanibel Island and managed to hit the bridge right at sunset. By the time we got to the beach though t'was dark. It was still cool though as I saw more stars then I've ever seen before. We also tracked a couple satellites (not sure what else they could have been) making their way across the sky.



On the exceptionally long drive to Knoxville from Fort Myers I managed to hit a few chunks of wood that were conveniently located in the middle of my lane. I heard them slam up under what I thought was the truck and thought nothing of it.

However, when we got to Knoxville not only were they experiencing record low temperatures (which we felt all the more having been in Florida since Dec 16th), one of the wood chunks managed to smash right in to the trailer below the front storage compartment and left a nice gaping hole in its wake. The OTHER chunk I found stuck between some metal cross bars under the trailer where it became lodged after smacking the corner of my black tank leaving a slight crack in ITS wake. Perfect. Of all the places.....

I kind of fixed the hole in the trailer using some silicone repair stuff and a caulking gun. The black tank I refrained from repairing in Knoxville since it was freaking freezing. I bought a fiberglass repair kit and am planning to patch it up after the sewage crew comes through this week. NOT what I singed up for but a problem that needs to be addressed nonetheless. Yeehaw.

Knoxville is a really neat city but the frigid conditions prevented me from exploring too much. The rents drove down from Pittsburgh to catch the show and hang since Knoxville is probably as close to the burgh that we are going get this year. T'was loverly to see them and catch up a bit.

We still don't have a confirmed time frame for Puerto Rico with regards to when we fly out and when we fly back.....and some of the hotel reviews are....well ATROCIOUS. Gems like "we smelled the place before we saw it" and "this hotel isn't bad........if you don't have any money". Can't Wait!!!

We're supposed to have 10 days off upon our return before heading to Augusta. Brian and I were really hoping to use that time off for a trip to Brazil to hang in Rio and see Iron Maiden. B used to run sound for the drummer's solo band and there's a good chance that we would be able to hang ON the stage during the show. I'm hesitant to drop the $$$ for the flights as even though we have 10 days off, we have no info as to where the 10 days are going to be spent. The trailers are staying in Tifton, GA but we don't know if we're there the whole time or if we get a few days off in Tifton then have to move the trailers to Augusta for the remaining time off. Gah. Details.....

On the plus side, Savannah is a suepr rad town. Much fun has been had thus far and much more is to follow I'm sure. Full update upon our departure.

Savannah pics

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