Thursday, September 17, 2009

Laredo, TX & Punch Party VI!

So check it (noting the utter lack of any sort of civilization for most of the drive AND the fact that we had to go BACK through El Paso to get to Laredo):

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Now add my truck & 5th Wheel. Finally mix in a supremely feverish, unable to even swallow, snarfy dude. Quite possibly the longest, most miserable trip between towns I've yet experienced. Blarrrgghh.

Although I suppose if you're going to take a 15hr drive along the Mexican border on a mainly deserted highway, passing through border patrol checkpoints with officers asking lots of questions....

"No sir, I am not transporting illegal immigrants in my RV. I'm driving by myself because I work for the circus and we are playing in Laredo, TX. You can expect about 40 RVs to pass through this way."

....the only way to do it is in a feverish daze.

So, the drive is nothing, nothing, nothing, then BAM! Reservoir. A welcome brief change of scenery.

We were the first ones on the lot in sweltering Laredo, TX. I pulled off to the side and slipped into an uncomfortable state of unconsciousness in my baking RV until Kat arrived to park us.

Laredo Texas is interesting because you get to be a foreigner in your own country. Seriously. There a lots of businesses where English isn't an option. Eventually I was able to procure some antibiotics. It was imperative that I get well ASAP as the anuual Punch Party was being held that week.

For those who need a refresher: PUNCH PARTY V post and pics.

I was all set to top my Purple Rain Punch from last year. The combination of our location, Thiago's Luchador mask, and a black suit yielded my entry: Orina del Diablo.

Some of the ingredients (the rest of the rum was dumped in as an afterthough because...why not? And the bottle of Razzmatazz that was added wouldn't fit on the table):

And resulting presentation:

Let it be known that this will be THE party to top. E-P-I-C.

Epic Surprise #1:

A Mexican Mariachi band was hired to give a concert then stuck around and helped drain some punch bowls.

Epic Surprise #2:

The freaking Laredo Lowriders Club.

Unfortunately the motor mating call of hydraulics and bling attracted an uninvited roaming band of gangster driven, tricked out neon sports cars that ended up on our lot and were eventually escorted off the property by lot security, haha.

By the end of the long night, the Pens had won and all of my punch, everyone else's punch, and several extra cases of beer were gone. Successful venture. A few choice highlights:

It's important to note the inflatable monkey and its long tail.....

So that THIS one makes more sense.....

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So ended the weekly traveling for a while as after a 2000+ (as in TWO THOUSAND PLUS) mile drive to South Brooklyn, we'd be parked for 3 months and the Coney Island Summer would begin. Stay tuned....

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