Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Rock, AR

Little wasn't a bad city considering it was in Arkansas. The arena we played at was pretty nice and the architectural landscape drew eerie similarities to Pittsburgh. We played on the North shore....where there were two arena/stadiums, a Science Center, a submarine docked in the water, an nice apartment complex providing commuters close access to downtown, and a series of 6 bridges connecting to downtown. Weird.

There was a Flying Saucer in Little Rock so I got re-live some Memphis memories of great beer and the most amazing pretzels ever served.

Other than that, nothing exciting really happened (see why I haven't been updating?)

From Little rock, we had a nice 900 mile drive to Charlottesville, VA where we weren't allowed on the lot until Tuesday morning thanks to the Neil Diamond concert.

We made from Little Rock to Knoxville, TN on the first night and stayed in Flying J parking lot.

The only campground choices were a KOA 3.5 hours before Charlottesville and one that was 45minutes past Charlotesville. We settled on the former. It ended up being me, Steve, Robbie, and Jason who all ended up at the same campground. I have to admit it was nice to stay somewhere where there was no loud hum of a generator or idling diesel trucks like at a Flying J.

The bad thing was they didn't have water at the campground so we used our fresh water stash and the septic system was busted so there was no dumping....unless we wanted to be subject to a black water geyser. Robbie's buddy who had played both bass and drums on previous tours came and hung out at the campground so that was cool.

Off to Charlottesville, VA.....

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