Monday, August 18, 2008

The Neverending Texxxxaaaaasssss...oh oh oh....

So Steve and I are still in Hidalgo. His truck needed new fuel injectors and they promised it to him today. Hopefully that means in a couple hours and not at 8 tonight. Biloxi is 13 hours away. There's a beach there and.......ACTUAL NIGHTLIFE..... Zoinks!

I think what we've learned from this is not to ever again say to each other: "You know, I think we've had enough adventures" because BAM! your truck will die.

Luckily it rained all night so not having any power isn't as much of an inconvenience as it could've been if the Texas/Mexican sun was blaring down.

Oh well, I'm off to sit around for a bit.

Pittsburgh visit in 1 week! Woot!

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