Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lawdy Lawdy please deliver me from F'ing Texas.....

So I've been slacking on here with updates So I'll backtrack a little bit.

So before Eduardo hiccuped in our direction Brian, Mica and I went on a walk to explore the Lake and beach. There are a ton of these ugly ass Turkey birds all over the place. They're not quite as big as the wild turkeys of South Oakland that like to attack cyclists but were still pretty beefy. They like to hang out on the sidewalks and strut around. There were a couple with a line of chicks following them around that weren't quite big enough to hop the curb to reach the sidewalk without tumbling back down. They were super cute and it's a shame they are all going to grow up to become goony looking turkey-birds.

On the way to the lake there was a fenced off section that led past what looked to be some sort of hotel. The fence was down so we felt it was worth exploring. It appeared to be completely abandoned and upon closer inspection we discovered it used to be a casino/hotel/crappy resort. The eerie thing was that some of the rooms had lights on and appeared to be occupied. Crossing the rocky surf between the resort and the lake, we discovered (in addition to a plethora of sandals and syringes) a ladder leading up to the fire escape and shorts draped across a makeshift clothesline. Apparently it's now a Bum Paradise.

We passed some dumb looking kids smoking pot in the bushes and continued on to the beach.

The water was really nasty but it didn't prevent people from frolicking about in it. It reminded me of that Billy Murray SNL sketch for Swill Mineral Water. Among the beach frolickers were some of the Russian Acrobat kids. They were plastered and had buried the one dude in the sand since he was too drunk to fight anyone off. Hilarity ensued as we stopped to hang for a bit.

On the way back to the lot, we headed onto some rock formations with lots of little cave areas that it would really suck to get stuck in. That's when Mica spotted the crab and decided to go hunting. He came close to catching one until it clamped onto his hand then scurried away. We found a few more but they just buried themselves in the sand.

It seems totally lame writing about it now but it was actually a really good time. I need spicier adjectives or something I guess.

After the Tuesday show I headed out to this cool bar with Bones and Mica to kick off the era of my new drink of choice. No more well whiskey and cokes. I have a real job now and can afford something a bit classier. Now I drink Manhattans. The problem is I'm not very well practiced at adjusting my pace yet so.....yeah.

We ended up across the street eventually and ran into some people from the show. A few of the Russian acrobats were there, some concessions people, Nicole (elephant rider) and Diana (dog trainer). I hadn't really talked with Diana yet and in my head we had a pretty good conversation (of course the first time I talk with the gal I'm 3 Manhattans into the night plus a beer and shot of somethingorother so who knows how things really went). I don't think I scared anyone off though.... I learned my lesson with pacing though as I had the spins for the first time in a verrrrry long time. No fun there. I'm digging the drink upgrade though.

Anyway, after the show on Wed (it was a split week which means we hit two towns in the same week) I had to yank the Tiger fence back to make enough room to get my trailer out. Never a dull moment.

Then it was off to Beaumont, TX. And Beaumont was.....well......Beaumont was there.

I met a cool theater/choreographer gal at a coffeeshop but our schedules didn't align properly to hang out again. The shows there went well but the crowds were on sedatives or something and weren't very responsive.

After Beaumont, we had an 8hr drive to get to Hidalgo. The plan was to get through Houston and drive a little further then pack it in for the night and finish the drive in the morning. By the time Steve and I stopped though we were only 2 1/2 hours away so we decided to push on through. We rolled into the lot at about 6am. Set up the trailer and crashed around 7:30. Was back up at 9:00 when the power was ready and plugged in (I've gotten accustomed to having AC). Crashed back out until about 1:00 then headed up to McAllen (there is NOTHING in Hidalgo) to run errands with Steve and Brian.

We went to this Mexican restaurant and had the best Mexican food in the universe. We made a stop at Guitar Center and I picked up an Acoustic and got my O8 MIDI Controller for my laptop setup.

The timing for getting the gear is great since the show isn't a concern anymore and I need a hobby. I'm working on getting my calluses built back up shedding some Jeff Buckley tunes. I think all the singing in the car has helped because my range isn't that bad anymore and I probably have 75% pitch accuracy instead of the usual -500%.

That's about that. We are 3 miles from the Mexican border so if Steve ever calls me we're probably going to head over there and try not to get kidnapped or killed.

That is about it. If I would've updated regularly like a good little blogger I'm sure the stories would've been much more lush and full of funny side notes.

I'll try to remedy that moving forward.

I'll be visiting Pittsburgh at the end of the month since we have a week off between Mississippi dates so that will be good. Things really kind of hit in Beaumont. I miss everyone and the fact that there is always something awesome happening in Pittsburgh. If I don't get an 80s nite in soon I may snap.

Ta ta for now....

P.S. I am so sick of Texas and its stupid access roads......

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