Monday, August 4, 2008

Blue Moon and Figs

So downtown Lafayette was just another lame college town. More Orange tans, popped collars, and hair gel.

I was planning on leaving disheartened until Saturday......

I got a tip to check out a show at this place called the Blue Moon Saloon. It doubles as a Hostel and was by far the coolest venue I've ever been to. Between the front porch, back porch where the show was, and the little courtyard it felt like an old Beeler St. house party. Great vibe.

The Figs were having their CD release show and had a record breaking 445 person crowd in attendance. The crowd ranged from 21 up to ...well pretty old and everyone just hung out, soaked up the music, and got their dance on. The younger folk there actually know how to dance for real so there was a lot of 2-stepping and other Cajun dance stuff going on.

Steve, Nathan, and I went to Prejeans after the last show and had our last fill of legit Cajun cuisine. Freaking awesome. I don't know if I would've trusted ordering a frog leg and alligator from anywhere else.

The drive was only about 75 minutes to Lake Charles which was a good thing on many levels. Upon arrival, I found out I had been dragging a cable under my kitchen slide-out the whole way....and from the looks of it, it goes to the stove. Yeah. Kudos again to Valero's RVs for taking such pride in checking important things like that. Another set of cables apparently got caught at some point in the slide so it wore off some of the rubber casing. Fun times. Oh, and my RV power cable fried a bit while we were in Lafayette.

Anyway, here are pictures from the Blue Moon. They obviously don't do the place justice but I tried.

Check out The Figs also. Those ladies know how to do it proper:

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