Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hooked up and un-hitched

We made it to Waco after a lonnnng day of driving. Shifting forward two hours didn't help anything.

We're on a pseudo campground outside the arena. I successfully back the trailer up to the fence leveled out and unhitched (with help from Steve). I know I keep promising a real post but I'm beyond beat at this point tonight.

Lots on the agenda tomorrow too.

- Fix trailer undercarriage
- Truck in for an oil change
- Find a music store and buy another new kick pedal that won't fall apart
- laundrination

Steve and I were supposed to take a trip into Austin tomorrow but that may not happen. Normally we would have all of Wed for such a trip but I have to setup the equipment a day early since I've never done it on my own just to make sure everything is there and works.

I'll probably practice the show a couple times after that then we're having a joint birthday superbash in the ring tomorrow evening.

The Austin prospects are looking grim.

I shall try to make time for a proper post/picture upload session tomorrow.

Here's a quick one of my before my first performance:

Here's one group shot from Justin's (old drummer) farewell gathering:

I'm out.


  1. man, that outfit it HOTT!!! haha! hope all is well. I'm enjoying the blog. take care!

  2. Pretty into that outfit, Jeremy! I didn't realize it, but that was the real appeal of the job, right? Were you issued a 144-count carton of foam clown noses? Funny shoes?